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How to Change Sender Email Address in Substack

How to Change Sender Email Address in Substack

Changing your sender email address in Substack is a straightforward process important for keeping your publication’s communication consistent and accurate. This is especially true for creators and publishers who use Substack to distribute content to their subscribers. One’s sender email address is a critical piece of their digital identity, as it’s the first point of contact in a subscriber’s inbox.

Substack provides a simple interface for users to update their sender email address within their account settings. This flexibility allows users to maintain the right brand image and ensures that emails are recognized and opened by recipients. Keeping the email address current and properly branded can help increase the open rates and engagement with the content shared through Substack newsletters.

Understanding Substack Email Settings

Substack provides users the ability to control various email settings for their publications. Settings can be accessed by signing into the Substack account and navigating to the relevant options on the dashboard. These settings help to manage how subscribers receive and interact with the content.

One key element a user can modify is the Email Sender Name. This is the name subscribers see when they receive emails from the publication. To change this:

  1. Go to the publication’s Settings page.
  2. Select Publication Details in the left navigation bar.
  3. Find the Email Sender Name field.
  4. Enter the preferred name and click Save.

It’s important for users to regularly check these settings to ensure they align with their current publication identity and branding. Substack also allows users to decide who can reply to emails through the Settings page, providing control over the level of interaction with the audience.

Accessing Your Substack Dashboard

To access the Substack dashboard, a user must first navigate to the Substack website. One does this by entering into their browser and logging in with their credentials. It’s crucial to ensure that they are logged into the correct account to make the desired changes.

Once logged in, the dashboard can be located by clicking on the user’s avatar or profile icon, often found in the top-right corner of the Substack home page. A dropdown menu will appear, from which they should select “Dashboard” to proceed to their individual dashboard interface.

Within the dashboard, users have access to various settings and features relevant to managing their Substack presence. They can manage subscriptions, publications, and change personal details. Specifically, to change the email sender name, users can follow the link to their publication’s settings, which is found within the dashboard. This is where they can update and save their new preferences.

Navigating to the Sender Information Page

When a Substack user decides to update their email sender name, they must first sign into their account. Once logged in, they’ll be directed to the Substack interface, where locating the correct page to make this change is essential. The process is user-friendly and does not require technical expertise.

The user should look for the Settings option, often found easily on the dashboard. Under Settings, there’s a list on the left side where the user can find and click on Publication Details. This action leads the user closer to where they can manage their sender information.

On the Publication Details page, the user will find a section labeled “Email Sender Name”. Here, they can effortlessly change their sender name. After entering the new name, a simple click on the Save button finalizes the update.

Changing Your Sender Email Address

To adjust the sender email address for a Substack newsletter, one must first sign in to their Substack account. It is necessary to navigate to the Settings page, which can be directly accessed through the URL

Once there, the user should locate the Email section and click on “Edit”. Here, they have the opportunity to input their new email address. After entering the desired email, one must select “Save” to confirm the update.

Updating the email sender’s name follows a similar process. A user needs to go to the Publication Details via the Settings page. They can then modify the “Email Sender Name” field and save their changes. This updates the name that subscribers see when receiving the newsletter.

Verifying Your New Sender Email Address

Once a writer has updated their sender email address in Substack, the next step is verification. Substack requires one to verify access to the new email address to ensure the security and authenticity of the sender.

The verification process usually involves Substack sending a confirmation email to the new address. The writer should check their inbox for this email and click on the provided verification link to confirm that they have access to the account.

If the confirmation email doesn’t appear in the inbox, the writer should check their spam or junk folder. It’s crucial to complete the verification promptly, as failing to verify the new email address may prevent it from being used as the sender address for future communications.

FAQs About Updating Email Information

How does one change their email address on Substack?
To update an email address on Substack, a user needs to log into their account and navigate to the Settings page. There, one can select “Edit” in the Email section to enter a new email address, and then click “Save” to confirm the change.

Is the updated email address applied to all communications?
Yes, once the email address is changed in the account settings, it is automatically updated for all communications sent from and received by the Substack profile.

Can email updates be done through the Substack app?
As of the last update, email changes must be done through the web version of Substack by accessing the Settings at

What about changing the email sender name?
Users can alter their email sender name by signing into Substack, going to the Publication Settings, and clicking on Publication Details. One should look for the “Email Sender Name”, make the desired edits, and then select “Save” to apply the changes.

Will subscribers be notified of the email change?
Substack does not automatically notify subscribers about changes to a user’s email address. The user would need to inform their subscribers if deemed necessary.