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Best Energy Substack Newsletters

Best Energy Substack Newsletters

Substack newsletters have emerged as a powerful source of in-depth information, particularly for niche topics like renewable energy. With the plethora of options available, picking the most informative and reliable energy newsletters can be a bit of a challenge. This article aims to simplify that process by showcasing ten exemplary energy-focused Substack newsletters, each offering unique insights and valuable content to its readers.

These newsletters cover various aspects of the energy sector, from market analytics to technology developments and policy discussions. They are curated by industry experts, analysts, and enthusiasts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and keeping their audience informed. Whether one is in the industry or simply an energy aficionado, these newsletters will enhance one’s understanding of the complex world of energy.

Each newsletter in the list is accompanied by a brief description of its content and perspective, helping readers to quickly identify which ones align with their interests. They are an indispensable resource for staying updated on the latest trends, breakthroughs, and debates within the renewable energy landscape.

What Are Energy Substack Newsletters?

Energy Substack newsletters are specialized digital publications delivered directly to subscribers’ email inboxes. They focus on the energy sector, encompassing a wide range of topics including renewable energy, oil and gas industry insights, sustainability, and technological advancements in energy production and storage. Substack, the platform hosting these newsletters, allows content creators to directly engage with their audience and often provides a mix of free and premium content.

Subscribers can expect to receive well-researched commentary, curated content, and industry analysis from experts and enthusiasts alike. Energy Substack newsletters typically feature regular updates, varying from daily briefs to monthly deep-dives, which keep their readers informed about the latest news, policy changes, and market trends. They often bridge the gap between complex energy concepts and practical understanding for a broad audience, making them invaluable for professionals, students, and anyone interested in the energy landscape.

The newsletters’ easy-to-digest format, combined with a more personal touch from the authors, offers readers a unique and accessible way to stay connected with energy-related developments. Whether individuals are looking for the latest renewable energy news or in-depth reports on energy markets, Substack’s platform serves as a hub for diverse and quality content tailored to energy enthusiasts.

Benefits of Subscribing to Energy Newsletters

Subscribing to energy newsletters offers individuals a range of advantages. They get up-to-date information and analysis on the latest developments in the energy sector. This can include insights on policy changes, technological advancements, and market trends.

  • Easy access to expert perspectives
  • Regular updates on energy industry innovation
  • Summaries of complex energy topics

Readers who are interested in renewable energy can find value in newsletters such as Power Your Knowledge, which delve into how public policy and technology intersect for a sustainable future. It helps them stay informed on how they can contribute to or benefit from green initiatives.

  • Tips on sustainability and renewable energy sources
  • Analysis of public policy impacts

For professionals in the field, energy newsletters can be a vital resource. They facilitate networking by introducing subscribers to key industry players and upcoming events. Newsletters can also provide job listings and career advice specific to the energy sector.

  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals
  • Job postings and career development tips

Lastly, for investors and business leaders, these newsletters can offer strategic insights. They may cover investment opportunities, shifts in energy supply and demand, and other critical financial information.

  • Strategic insights for informed investment decisions
  • Updates on shifts in energy markets

Assessing the Value of Energy Newsletters

When one subscribes to an energy newsletter, they gain access to a curated stream of information. These newsletters often distill complex topics into digestible articles, making them invaluable for professionals and enthusiasts alike. They provide updates on the latest trends, technologies, and policies shaping the energy sector.

One advantage is the time-saving aspect, as these newsletters compile key insights without the reader having to scour multiple sources. Subscribers can benefit from expert analysis and thought leadership, which may influence their business decisions or research. In contrast, the specificity of content ensures that the information is relevant and high-quality, which helps in obtaining nuanced perspectives on energy matters.

For example, subscribers might find value in newsletters that offer insights into how renewable energy fits into the larger energy landscape, or they may prefer content focused on UX resources within the energy sector. Whether one is looking for detailed market data or a roundup of the latest news, there’s likely a newsletter tailored to those needs. Here’s a brief list of topics commonly covered in energy newsletters:

  • Market trends and analysis
  • Technological advancements in renewables
  • Policy changes and their implications
  • Jobs and recruitment within the energy industry

Subscribers should assess the frequency of publication and the specificity of topics covered to ensure alignment with their interests. By finding the right balance, individuals can enrich their knowledge base with minimum effort.

Top Energy Substack Newsletters

Substack has become a go-to platform for experts to share insights in the energy sector. The newsletters often bring a blend of analysis, commentary, and the latest developments.

  1. Green Rocks: This newsletter focuses on how the mining industry intersects with the renewable energy transition. Experts discuss topics like critical minerals and mining policy, crucial for understanding the renewable market.

  2. Evergreen Blog: They provide updates on renewable energy and sustainable practices. Their content ranges from technological innovations to policy changes.

  3. UX Energy Newsletter: Curated by Jonah McLachlan, this is a handy resource for energy professionals, offering UX resources and a focus on user experience in the energy sector.

In these newsletters, people can expect engaging discussions and deep dives into relevant topics that shape today’s energy landscape. They serve professionals, students, and enthusiasts alike, providing content that ranges from introductory to advanced complexity. Each newsletter maintains a unique voice and focus, ensuring a diverse reading experience.

Electrify News

Electrify News is a platform dedicated entirely to the electric vehicle (EV) landscape. It features a range of content from electric cars, e-bikes, and skateboards to cutting-edge e-foils and electric motorcycles. The content is aimed not just at EV enthusiasts but also at a broader audience interested in the shift towards electrification.

The newsletter takes pride in covering stories about the people and places driving the EV industry forward. Whether one is looking for the latest industry news, product releases, or interviews with key influencers, Electrify News offers a rich assortment of articles. Its engaging narratives and comprehensive updates make it a valuable resource for anyone following electric mobility trends.

Items like battery technology, sustainable vehicle design, and industry innovation are regular features in the publication. Moreover, their content offers insights into how electric mobility intersects with issues of urban planning and environmental impact. Readers can expect to find well-researched pieces that are equally informative and accessible.

Energy Curve

Energy Curve is a must-subscribe Substack newsletter for individuals who have a keen interest in understanding the dynamic nature of energy markets. Readers can expect to receive insightful analysis on how various factors influence the ever-shifting energy landscape.

Each edition of Energy Curve offers its readers concise, data-driven content they can trust. It breaks down complex market trends into digestible sections, making it accessible for both industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

  • Highlights: Data-rich content, market analysis, key trend identification
  • Frequency: Weekly updates
  • Core Focus Areas:
    • International energy market shifts
    • Breakthroughs in renewable energy
    • Impact of legislation and policy changes

Subscribers receive thorough charts and graphs that provide visual interpretations of the data, enhancing their understanding of the content. Thoughtfully curated topics guide readers through the intricacies of the market, from oil price fluctuations to renewable energy developments.

Given its targeted content, Energy Curve is particularly useful for investors, policy makers, and renewable energy stakeholders who require a high-level synopsis of the energy market’s status quo. Each issue aims to equip its audience with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions related to energy investments and strategies.

The Energy Mix

Publisher/Editor: Mitchell Beer

The Energy Mix is a non-profit news service that publishes a weekly e-digest, The Energy Mix Weekender. It is dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage on climate change, energy, and strategies for transitioning away from fossil fuels. Managed by Mitchell Beer, this newsletter stands as a credible source for those interested in the intersection of energy and the environment.

Content Focus:

  • Climate Change
  • Energy Transition
  • Environmental Policy

Subscribers receive tailored insights that sift through the daily deluge of headlines. Every week, Beer and his team review over 1,200 sources, curating the most important stories for their audience. Their detailed analysis reveals key developments and progressive strategies in the renewable energy sector.

Weekly Highlights:

  • Best Practices: Innovations in renewable energy and sustainability.
  • Current Events: Updates on climate policy and industry changes.
  • Community Involvement: Opportunities for reader engagement in climate action.

The newsletter’s friendly approach invites readers from all backgrounds, whether they’re industry professionals or simply interested in environmental topics. The Energy Mix aids its audience in staying informed on crucial issues and encourages wider conversations about our collective move towards a sustainable future.

Grid Brief

Grid Brief is a daily energy newsletter catering to a diverse readership that includes investors, executives, engineers, and policymakers. The publication provides a comprehensive look at a variety of energy sectors, encompassing fossil fuels, renewables, nuclear power, and grid developments. The content is tailored to keep industry professionals informed about the latest trends and changes in the energy market.

Readers can expect an engaging mix of articles from Grid Brief, including guest features and op-eds from esteemed energy experts. These pieces shed light on key economic impacts of energy decisions and delve into debates surrounding energy policies. The newsletter’s goal is to not only inform its readers but also spark meaningful conversations about energy’s role in the economy.

Subscribing to Grid Brief offers readers timely updates and insightful analysis. It stands out for its balanced coverage and its ability to break down complex energy issues into understandable terms, a hallmark that’s appreciated by its broad-based audience. The newsletter’s accessibility makes it an excellent resource for staying current on energy news and perspectives.

For more information and to subscribe, interested individuals can visit the Grid Brief website.


Sparkspread is a newsletter dedicated to those fascinated by the energy sector’s dynamism and its financial impacts. It delves into the nuances of energy trading, market trends, and forecasts with a focus on the electricity and natural gas markets. The newsletter is particularly useful for professionals in the energy sector, investors, and policy analysts.

Subscribers can expect a variety of content from expert commentary to data-driven insights. Each edition serves to demystify complex topics, such as:

  • Market volatility and price drivers
  • Regulatory changes and their implications
  • Innovations in energy finance

What sets Sparkspread apart is its approach to making intricate market details accessible. A typical installment might include:

  • Tables comparing price trends
  • Bullet Points summarizing key market developments
  • Bold phrases emphasizing crucial findings

The newsletter’s objective is to provide actionable information that helps readers make informed decisions. Whether one is tracking energy commodities or exploring renewable energy credits, Sparkspread offers a clear and concise analysis of the ever-evolving energy landscape.

Renewable Insights

For those eager to stay abreast of the renewable energy sector, Renewable Insights offers a comprehensive look into the industry’s latest developments and trends. Subscribers can expect a diverse range of topics from solar energy advancements to wind power projects. Here’s a brief outline of what this newsletter brings to the table:

  • Global Perspective: With contributions from international journalists, this newsletter provides a well-rounded view of renewable energy initiatives around the world.
  • Specialized Sections: Readers can access information tailored to specific renewable energy technologies, including solar, wind, and bioenergy.
  • Industry News: It reports on recent events, policy changes, and technological innovations within the renewable energy landscape.

Renewable Insights is celebrated for its informative content designed to enhance the reader’s understanding of renewable energy. Individuals who seek a global outlook on renewables will find this newsletter especially beneficial. By subscribing, one gains insight into the complex and evolving realm of clean energy.

The Fossil Record

When exploring the world of energy newsletters, “The Fossil Record” stands out for its distinct focus on the legacy and transition of fossil fuels. This newsletter delves into the intricate history of fossil fuels and the industries built around them. It provides insightful analyses on how these energy sources have shaped economies and policies over the decades.

Key Features:

  • Historical Analysis: Each edition traces the evolution of the energy industry, examining key milestones and decisions.
  • Industry Transitions: The newsletter chronicles the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, highlighting the challenges and breakthroughs.
  • Expert Commentary: It features interviews and opinions from industry veterans and energy economists.

Who Should Subscribe:

  • Energy Professionals: Those in the energy sector looking for a deeper understanding of the industry’s historical context.
  • Policy Makers: Individuals involved in shaping energy policy who require a rich background of the fossil fuel industry.
  • Academics and Students: Researchers or students focused on energy studies and history will find valuable resources for their work.

In summary, “The Fossil Record” offers readers a comprehensive look at the tapestry of energy history, woven with the threads of fossil fuels. They don’t just report events; they contextualize them in a broader historical spectrum, helping readers grasp the magnitude of today’s energy challenges and transitions.

Power Plays

Power Plays” is a thought-provoking newsletter that offers insights into the dynamics of global power structures. Readers can expect a deep dive into how political actions and business decisions impact societies worldwide. The content is particularly relevant for those interested in international relations and global economics.

Subscribers have lauded the newsletter for its ability to articulate complex political and economic issues in an accessible manner. Each issue aims to peel back the layers on current events, looking at how power is wielded and how it affects the average person, both on a macro and micro level. They tackle topics like political maneuverings, corporate influences, and leadership behaviors, which can often set the stage for wider societal trends.

For individuals who strive to understand the undercurrents of power plays that shape the world, this newsletter serves as an invaluable resource. It shines a light on the often unseen forces that dictate global discourse and provides a platform for more informed discussions about our collective future. To discover more about the intricacies of political and business power dynamics, interested readers can explore “Power Plays” through 2040’s Ideas and Innovations Newsletter.

Cleantech Rising

  • Content Focus: Cleantech Rising explores the intersection of technology and sustainability, creating an engaging dialogue on clean energy advancements.

  • Frequency: Subscribers receive insightful updates on a bi-weekly basis.

  • Highlights:

    • The newsletter breaks down complex climate technology trends into easy-to-understand pieces.
    • It includes interviews with industry leaders and in-depth analysis of market developments.

Readers of Cleantech Rising can expect a curated selection of news, thought leadership articles, and data-driven insights. The newsletter often shines a spotlight on emerging cleantech startups and the latest innovations in renewable energy. It provides a platform for discussing policy changes and their implications for the sector.

Those who subscribe to Cleantech Rising enjoy access to a comprehensive resource that helps them stay informed about clean technology’s role in the evolving energy landscape. Its engaging content keeps readers both informed and inspired, fostering a community of enthusiasts and professionals passionate about driving positive environmental change through technology.

Hydrogen Horizon

Hydrogen Horizon newsletters provide insights into the emerging clean hydrogen economy. The field is spearheaded by individuals passionate about the role hydrogen can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to cleaner energy sources. They cover various aspects including production innovation, market dynamics, and emerging technologies.

Highlights from selected newsletters:

  • Innovation Focus: They discuss innovations at the production stage of hydrogen, which is vital for clean energy development.
  • Market Analysis: Readers can find in-depth analysis on the long-term growth potential and competitive conditions in the hydrogen market.
  • Policy and Strategy: Insights on the U.S. National Clean Hydrogen Strategy are provided, along with coverage of incentive structures and funding introduced by government initiatives.

Subscribers to Hydrogen Horizon newsletters will find a wealth of information that is not only up-to-date but also presented in a straightforward and accessible manner. The newsletters often feature expert commentary, making the complex subject of hydrogen energy more understandable. They serve as a valuable resource for industry professionals, policymakers, and anyone interested in the future of clean energy.